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6 Common Sales Blunders to Avoid

Whether you’re a sales rep or responsible for the performance of sales reps, stay vigilant for these common sales blunders. Some of these selling mistakes can mean the difference between a lifelong business relationship and a closed-lost lead. Here are some of the most common sales blunders that reps and

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Lead Generation

How to get more referrals [+EMAIL TEMPLATES]

It’s a fact – if a friend or colleague refers a product or service to you, you automatically trust that product more than a competing product or service that an ad might try to sell you. And not only are you more likely to buy, you’re more likely to have

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Cheerful confident team of brokers viewing papers

Sales enablement for fast-growing teams

If you’re in growth mode, you’re likely adding team members at a high rate. As your offerings become more comprehensive and your staff grows, the way you train and enable your sales reps will need to change.  If you provide reps with the right materials, tools, and resources they need

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set better sales goals crm dashboard

7 Ways to Set Better Sales Goals

Meeting a quota shouldn’t be the only goal your sales reps have. Hold your reps accountable to smaller weekly or monthly goals that build their confidence and give them incremental wins. These smaller goals can also help track progress towards larger goals, and give you more opportunities to correct the

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How to Create a Buyer Persona Sales Reps Actually Use [+FREE GUIDE]

Strong, accurate buyer personas are a powerful tool for your sales team to have, and can drive successful sales numbers. A buyer persona, as defined by Hubspot, is a “semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” Basically, it’s a characterization

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b2b lead generation tactics featured image
Lead Generation

21 B2B Lead Generation Tactics to Use Now

B2B lead generation is one of the early steps in a typical marketing funnel or sales process. It involves collecting potential customer’s information—such as name, email, company name and job title—that will be useful to subsequently make a sale. These people are then typically nurtured by marketing automation and passed

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