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The right path for new HRO sales professionals.

The right balance of virtual and live training for modern selling.

The PathRight program provides new reps with the information they need as they need it. It begins with understanding why companies buy HRO services, then layers in communicating value, prospecting, sales process, and product knowledge over eight weeks.

Virtual training alone isn’t enough. Since sales effectiveness happens through practical application, each week the participants have homework and a live session with a professional trainer to practice what was learned during that week.

5 tracks delivered over
8 weeks

  • Business acumen - Learn what business owners want and how to have authentic business conversations rather than product conversations
  • Value proposition - Communicating a memorable and compelling message in both social and selling scenarios
  • Prospecting - An effective and targeted approach to cold calling, building a referral network, and social selling
  • Sales Process - Learn how to execute the six steps of the sale process, the seven steps of the discovery meeting, and even when to walk away from a deal
  • Product knowledge - Learn more than the technical knowledge about HR, HR technology, Payroll, Employee Benefits and Workers’ compensation. Understand how to practically apply that knowledge throughout the sales process

The right balance of virtual and live training for modern selling.

HRO sales readiness training

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