PEO Sales Mastery

This is no ordinary PEO sales TRAINING program

  • PEO sales training designed for tenured sales reps to get to the next level
  • Results in improved initial meeting to proposal ratio & proposal to close ratios
  • Clear sales process - easy to follow, difficult to master
  • Built on the information gathered from the top 1% of PEO sales leaders

When experienced HRO salespeople look to improve their production, they turn to the Masterclass.

Even successful salespeople can improve their results.  The program enables sales professionals to pull apart the entire sales process, discard those practices that don’t serve them and then then reassembles it using the proven practices of the top 1%,  resulting in a more effective and more productive sales practice.

True professionals want practical versus theoretical practices so, we bring in business owners to talk about how they buy and why they buy and even what they truly want from a salesperson.  Every aspect of the program is practiced in the class so that it can be immediately applied in the real-world.

It all starts by learning how to have business conversations. The intensive and interactive program weaves the proven practices of the nation’s highest performing HRO salespeople with live interviews with business owners. The participants first learn about real business issues facing prospective buyers – taught by CEOs, labor attorneys and HR professionals as well as PEO sales experts. Only after they understand business owners’ perspectives and motivations do they learn product knowledge, lead generation strategies, sales process execution, and how to present a compelling solution.

The MasterClass is for experienced salespeople looking to take their organization and sales teams to the next level.  HRO sales professionals learn the strategies, tactics, and skills needed to develop new markets, forecast revenue, create consistent production, and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The MasterClass is REINVENTING LEARNING through our PEO/HRO specific curriculum. Our programs are built on the information gathered from the Top 1% of PEO sales people and sales leaders.  The MasterClass goes beyond classroom theory.

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Monday, May 4 –
Thursday, May 7

Westshore Grand
4860 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609


Monday, Aug. 10 –
Thursday, Aug 13

Westshore Grand
4860 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609

Learning Track

Day 01

  • The HRO market trends and competitive analysis
  • Live in class business owner interviews - The motivations and mind of the buyer
  • Dissecting the buying process
  • Creating a sustainable lead generation engine
  • The art and science of asking impactful questions
  • The art and science of asking impactful questions

Day 02

  • Communicating a compelling and memorable value proposition
  • Live in-class business owner interviews - The mind of a business owner and why they don’t buy HRO
  • Aligning the sales process to the buying process
  • The 7 steps of the discovery meeting
  • How to avoid getting ghosted in the sales process

Day 03

  • Building the business case for buying HRO
  • Quantifying the hard and soft dollar savings
  • Differentiating your solution
  • Presenting a buyer centric solution
  • Gaining commitment
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The MasterClass gave me more insights and tools than I developed on my own in the past 6 years.

VP, Sales - 12,000 WSEs

The MasterClass Program helped me rewire how I think about sales. I now have business conversations instead of sales conversations... and I just had my best year.

PEO Sales Rep

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