Ray Dile and Blythe Kazmierczak lead executive-level conversations focused on how a new normal may influence the how and why companies buy HR solutions, the servicing platforms needed, and how business development may need to evolve.  Making sense of the chaos now enables HR Services Business to adapt and potentially come out ahead of the curve. 

On April 10th, don’t miss a webinar for HR Service companies to evaluate the business shifts to a more virtual world and how to determine where on the virtualization spectrum you need to land.

  • Key Topics:
  • Defining sales and service virtualization
  • A framework to determine where virtualization is valuable
  • Illuminating the collective experience of shifting during COVID
  • How to use key filters when evaluating shifts to an online business model
  • Improving sales effectiveness while moving to a more virtual process
  • Virtualizing options for the moments that matter within your service delivery
April 10th @ 11:00AM EST

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