Sales Success Webinars

Wednesday, March 18th @ 1:00PM EST

How to Ask Powerful Sales Questions and Win More Sales

  • In this webinar you will learn:
  • Questioning skills that uncover the full set of buyer needs and enable you to sell the largest solution set
  • How to use questions to challenge buyer thinking and bring your insights and ideas to the conversation
  • 3 must-ask questions to use in your next sales discussion
  • The best approach to uncover the root cause of needs
  • Which questions to avoid (unless you're looking to alienate buyers)

Asking effective questions illuminates the real issues for both the buyer and the solution provider.

You need to differentiate yourself in the sales process by asking great sales questions—questions that inspire buyers to think differently, talk about their hopes and desires, and build their relationship with you. Otherwise, your buyers are going to have the same conversation with you that they’re having with your competitors.

In this webinar the specific sales questioning techniques and skills you need to lead the most effective sales conversations and close more sales.

Monday, April 20th @ 1:00PM EST

5 Keys to Top Sales Performance

  • In this webinar you will learn:
  • 5 keys to help you get to top sales performance
  • What the top sales organizations and sellers do to beat their sales goals
  • The 3 sales skills you and your team must possess
  • How to increase you and your sales team’s productivity.

Buying in the last few years has changed more than ever. Buyers are more educated, there are endless options, and buyers are distracted and short on time.

Sellers and sales organizations are struggling to keep up.

There are specific actions that Top performers and Top-Performing Sales Organizations take that allow them to achieve superior results. If you want to keep up with the changing buyer behaviors and reach top sales performance in 2020, this webinar is a must-watch.

If you want to reach top sales performance in 2020, these webinars are a must.