7 Ways Sales and Customer Service Can Actually Work Together

In the world of HR Outsourcing services, businesses face the ongoing challenge of keeping their clients happy. There is more competition than ever in the HRO industry, and even more within the PEO industry, the slightest disruptions can send your clients racing over to competitors.

 No matter the form of this disruption or dissatisfaction, clients have the power to go and find whatever they deem as a better solution. Therefore, it’s more important than ever for sales and client service to work together to achieve better alignment and communication in their shared missions to acquire and retain clients.

 These two departments are more client-facing than anyone else at your business. If they can work together, they can create a powerful and lasting experience for clients. Sales help new clients find the right solutions and products, and client services deliver on the service promise expectation set during the buying process. This type of unification between the two departments creates long-term client satisfaction, bringing in new leads and lots of word-of-mouth referrals.

Let’s look at the ways that sales and client services can make this happen. 

1. Salespeople should invest in client relationships.

Sales today is all about creating a relationship. However, this relationship should not be about anything transactional, but rather to build an ongoing connection point between the organization and the clients.  

The salesperson should key into that ability to build relationships and be the person that clients love hearing from. Most salespeople call just “check in,” but was even more valuable is to send them information that could be useful to them.  This makes it where the client will share your content (ask them to follow your social pages), and if they encounter another business owner or executive then, you’ll be the first person they recommend.

 2. Client service should learn the sales process

There are always items that service will need to know that were not covered in the sales process.  This isn’t a lack of integrity or selective forgetfulness by sales reps, but rather a simple reality – not every detail is vital to the buying and decision-making process. However, the details are essential to the implementation and service team’s ability to do their job. So, by service understanding the sales process, they can pinpoint areas to clarify expectations, address misunderstandings, and save the client relationship while still generating the sale.

3. Service should exchange customer data with Sales

Proper documentation of the ongoing relationship is critical for both the sales and the client service teams. Salespeople should be able to see the ongoing interactions with client service in order to know when to reach out.

Client service reps should document their interactions with clients to help them keep track of the various conversations and emails taking place over the course of their day in order to make it transparent across their team.

4. Client service reps can provide feedback

If the service reps are aware of missed expectations further into the relationship, they can share this feedback with salespeople to help them during future sales processes. This feedback ensures that the sales and client service teams are working aligned and that the salespeople aren’t closing clients that end up churning only a few months later.

5. Client service can generate referrals

Once the service reps have been working with clients for an extended period of time, they can better figure out which of those clients are most happy and invested in your product or service. These people are great for writing reviews and testimonials that can serve as case studies for future prospecting and connecting you with referrals.

If these reps build strong relationships, they can ask these clients for help in return. These clients’ evangelical activities can bring in better leads that are totally free, more likely to remain loyal, and even spend more than others.

6. Client service should share client success stories

With excellent client service comes great experiences for the client. The sales team can use your clients’ testimonials to improve credibility and show your business’s client service department’s strength.

The other benefit of testimonials is that they establish a brand voice. They can create a light-hearted real-life example that the company’s target audience can quickly identify and align with. 

7. Sales should always work with client success

Client success should always be working to figure out how to rid the client experience of any roadblocks before they even get to them. The salespeople should coordinate with this branch of your client service time to understand better times to upsell.

This will help your team capitalize on sales while still keeping the client first.

Wrapping up

Overall, establishing a structured communication and feedback look for the sales and service departments can lead to much happier clients as well as even more sales opportunities. Following these seven steps can ensure that the two departments are in sync and give the client a much better experience with your product or services.

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