What We Do

HRO experience matters.

We’re not just consultants, we’re experts at execution.

You get more than knowledge out of our relationship. We design proactive strategies, install proven sales & lead generation processes, set up programs to develop the sales team, and create the systems to measure and predict growth.

We take the time to ensure the systems in place are working, then train you on the operation and management of what we’ve developed. Our success is measured by your ability to grow.

Practical Strategic Planning

It’s difficult to grow faster than your industry’s growth rate and faster than your competitors.  Achieving that growth is rooted in market-based, practical and measurable strategy.

Strategic planning, when done correctly, addresses current areas to improve, creates a compelling vision for the future, and designs a clear path on how to accomplish it. During execution, the plan’s effectiveness is measured every step of the way, so there is no doubt it’s working. 

Sales Capability Development

Improved sales effectiveness is the fastest route to growth.

Sales leaders and teams end up plateauing at some point.  The team may be good (or even great), but what would happen if they were even better?

Taking the organization to the next level starts with the realization that what you’re doing now isn’t going to get you where you want to go. That is where we come in.

Pathway can support the existing leadership through strategy design, leadership coaching or designing and installing more effective sales processes. 

For organizations that have a gap in leadership, we are capable of functioning as CRO, Sales Manager, or sales trainer. Then, because the right systems, processes and measurements are installed, we can turn it over to you to run successfully.

Lead Generation

Designed for companies needing to establish and develop a marketing capability, become socially alive, and build a foundation of consistent lead generation.  

Pathway’s Marketing In Action Plan (MAP) is designed to quickly install a marketing capability through consistently producing impactful content focused at your target audience,  measuring prospect engagement on all channels, and even making sure the sales team is notified when a sales qualified lead is ready. We focus only on those activities that can be measured and tracked to drive leads. 

Sales Team Enablement

Sales technology, when designed and implemented properly, enables sales teams and sales management to increase their effectiveness and ultimately close more deals.

Pathway has designed a PEO and HRO specific CRM on a ZOHO platform that salespeople actually use.  The system is tailored to your organization, the data is converted and the salespeople are all trained within 30 days.

By understanding the end goal, we can identify the right buying trend and develop strategies to grow your reach.

Analyze the target market’s triggers for buying

Benchmark the business development efforts

Designing measurable outcomes in 90 day increments

Customized scorecard to track business metrics

The expertise we bring isn’t just in
designing a plan, but knowing how to

adjust regroup prioritize retarget strategize

when circumstances change.

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